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Welcome to Our Practice

Your visit is very important to us.

We consider it a privilege to provide excellent patient care.


Please read this information carefully as it will help you to communicate with our practice in the best way possible.

  • After your visit with the doctor, you will leave with a personal patient plan

  • Your chart notes will be faxed to your Primary Care Doctor the same day as your visit

  • Should your visit result in needing a procedure, you will leave with the following:

    • A scheduled procedure date and time

    • Preparation instructions and what to expect information sheet

    • A financial responsibility sheet based on your Health Insurance.As you are encouraged not to bring valuables to your procedure, we will ask for your procedure payment at this time.

  • As a service to the patients, multiple services are provided at the time of your procedure. You may or may not receive a statement from each of these services. They are the following:

    • Gastro Care, LLC for the facility services. This covers the facility charges. This is processed by your insurance as surgical benefits. For billing questions, please call: 937-398-1964

    • Springfield Gastroenterology for physicians services only. This includes office visits and procedures. For billing questions, please call: 937-398-1964

    • Mid-West Anesthesia, LLC for anesthesia received during your procedure. For billing questions, please call: 800-951-7850

    • Springfield Gastroenterology for pathology services. This is for Processing and Reading fees of the polyps/biopsy taken during your procedure.


  • Our practice is growing, Please be assured that our first priority is to provide quality care to our patients. In order to maintain that quality care, we have set in place a policy that any of our providers can see patients at any time without prior notification due to schedule changes. This includes patients seen in the office, in the hospital and during procedure appointments. Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact our office.

  • Colonoscopy Patients: Your procedure may have been scheduled as a screening colonoscopy, but during the exam if a polyp was found then it is very important that the doctor remove the polyp. Removing polyps prevents colon cancer. When a polyp is removed, the billing code changes from preventive colonoscopy to colonoscopy with Polypectomy. It is not legal to change the coding under these circumstances to a screening when polyps are found. The insurance claim will show that the procedure started as preventive and changed to diagnostic.

    Your insurance provider may or may not cover your procedure in full. Any portion that is deemed patient responsibility by your insurance company will be billed to the individual listed as the account guarantor. Please keep in mind that according to CMS guidelines, a screening may turn diagnostic during the course of the procedure and change your projected financial obligation. Your final responsibility will be based off the Explanation of Benefits (EOB) issued by your insurance company to our financial office. Should you have any questions please contact a member of our billing department at 937-398-1964.

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