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Springfield Gastroenterology is your first stop for all GI needs. Our helpful staff and knowledgeable physicians will make your visit comfortable and informative. We partner with our convenient neighbor, Gastro Care for endoscopic surgery procedures. LEARN MORE >>

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What sets us apart?

We provide our patients with a comprehensive gastrointestinal care. We take care of all stomach, colon, liver, pancreas and other abdominal related disorders. All our procedures can be conveniently and safely undertaken at our office and the only independent Ambulatory Surgery Center.

We collaborate closely with all primary care physicians and provide them with up to date, clear information about your treatment plan and recommendations.


We provide the only independent ambulatory surgery center in the Greater Clark and Champaign counties (Gastro Care). offering quality care locally with significant savings. No need to step into a hospital or travel out of town.

Our approach to high quality care care and local convenience results in significant financial savings. Our costs are lower than all other Springfield and Dayton area options. We are preferred centers for multiple large insurance carries.

Why chose Springfield Gastroenterology?

  • We pride ourselves in delivering quality care locally with compassion, comfort and caring attitude.

  • We believe in empowering patient about their health and believe in educating them.

  • We've developed a highly efficient system to deliver high quality care.

  • Our staff is welcoming and we have highly skilled and knowledgeable medical professionals.

  • We have been serving Clark, Greene, and Champaign counties for over 12 years. Our reputation precedes us.

  • Most of our patients come from word to mouth and we have excellent testimonials.

  • When you're ready for your endoscopy procedure you'll benefit from the convenience of our privately owned and Independent Ambulatory Endoscopy Center, Gastro Care, right next door.


The choice is certainly up to you. We ask you give us a chance to help you get high quality care and improve your quality of life.


We believe in treating the problem, not just the symptoms. You can trust that our physicians and team of knowledgeable staff will work quickly to diagnose and treat what ever is causing your discomfort. From colon cancer prevention to insurance questions, we are here to meet your health care needs and make your consultation process smooth and effective.


Colon Cancer


Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)


Liver Disease


We accept nearly all major insurance plans.  

Springfield Gastroenterology and Gastro Care, LLC participate in the following insurance plans. If you do not find your plan on this list, please contact our office. We will be able to confirm if your plan is preferred with our practice.



I have always had excellent experiences at Gastro Care. Very supportive, caring, friendly, and professional. I can’t imagine (or ever will) going to another facility!! Thank you.

Your staff is amazing!!! Everyone introduced themselves and told me what was going to happen. They were all so kind and compassionate – I have never in my entire life had such a good experience!!!! The staff appears to like their jobs and each other- it showed. I am a nurse practitioner and I can tell you, your entire staff and process is fabulous! Thank all of them again please for my care!

It was my first colon and I didn’t know what to expect. Everyone made me feel welcome and answered any questions that I had. I forgot my paperwork and they made me feel like I WASN’T an idiot for doing so. That was awesome because I was nervous enough already! Everyone was awesome!

Dr. Challa encourages all patients who visit Springfield Gastroenterology share their experience with other people to help them make a decision on who they will see for their GI needs.


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